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  Airbag Technology

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Our website, www.helite.com, is a general presentation of the company Helite. Helite is an expert in airbag systems for individual protections. Helite has invented different airbag systems to fit specific applications such as high speed train applications, a range of motorcycle airbag jacket for two-wheeler drivers, an air vest for horseback riders and other specific airbag system for motor sports airbag systems. Our most popular product is the airbag jacket high visibility for motorcycles and the ProAir air vest for horse riders. Helite is made of a bunch of engineers from different backgrounds and technical prototype designers. Helite focuses on security by inventing products that protect effectively in case an accident happens. You will learn more about what we do by going through our website, www.helite.com.

Why wear an air jacket? An air vest is a revolution in the world of protection. The air vest will inflate and protect the rider from serious injuries. Helite has a unique activity as it focuses exclusively in improving and developing products such as the air vest. The risks of injuries are still very high but the air vest is a very good solution to save one's life or at least minimize the consequences of a bad fall. Finally, one of the big challenges for Helite is to offer an air vest that people are ready to wear. The point is not to buy the air vest and not wear it. So we make sure the air vest is attractive, light, comfortable, reusable and easy to wear.