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Helite was founded in 2001 by Gérard Thevenot, one of the French pioneer and entrepreneurs in the light aircraft industry.  His thirst for invention and conscience for safety has pushed him into creating Helite. First created to develop more safety in the light aircraft sector, Gérard rapidly understood the crucial need for more security in all types of applications.

Helite was quickly solicited by a wide range of companies that requested Mr. Thevenot’s rare know-how for developing specific products for numerous applications.


The need for airbags in many sports and professional environments is urgent. Helite is solicited daily by companies and individuals that want to develop a better protection for their activity. Focusing only on one market would mean sacrificing many opportunities to help increase safety levels in a wide range of applications. 


Helite works in B2B for notorious companies and administrations: The royal guardians of the king of Spain, the French civil protection, Siemens, Alstom, Michelin, Peugeot, Brembo…


Helite constantly innovates in Airbag jacket for motorcyclists. The two-wheeler market potential and number of users is very interesting for Helite to succeed in its mission: protecting as many people as possible from serious injuries.


The most successful product as of today is the Airbag vest for horseback riders. Indeed horseback riders tend to fall and hurt themselves a few times in their career, so quickly they understand the need for airbags. Helite launched a product for horseback riders because the demand was very important and the development of a reliable and effective product quiet simple.  The height and the speed when a rider falls is moderate enough for the airbag vests to be very effective and cover the majority of the falls.


Gérard Thevenot has worked in the aeronautical field for 35 years. Developing a product for this application was a personal challenge and objective. The accidents are more scarce than with a motorbike or a horse, but the gravity of the injuries need to be and can be minimized. Light aircraft pilots now have access to more security!

We are airbag experts

Our corporate website www.helite.com will give you insight into our exciting past and current projects. You will discover our different applications: motorcycle airbag jacket, horseback riding airbag vest and our latest invention the Ultralight aircraft airbag protection.

Helite invents, researches, develops, tests and produces individual airbag protection systems for various applications. Helite has invented specific airbag jackets for motorcyclists and horse back riders and currently produces the fastest mechanically inflating airbag jackets in the world, to cover as quickly as possible the vital parts of the body. Helite’s everyday task is to improve its existing products and develop new individual airbag protection applications:

Helite's daily activities are:

Thriving for better esthetics and comfort  of its air bags.

Adapting textiles and materials to perfect the airbag products and to assure long term usability, lightness, effectiveness of the airbag.

Researching and developing new systems to increase the rapidity of inflation of the airbag.

The expertise in airbag technology combines know-how, experience, skilled workers, industry networks and specific machines. Mastering in the airbag sector includes the study of fluid mechanics, gases and their volumes, pressures applied in textiles, pyrotechnic activations, electronic activations, mechanical activations, integration of the innovative technologies in already existing objects such as jackets, driving boards, seats...

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Intelligent garments for activities that are inclined to risk. Check out, www.helite.com to find out about the world of personal airbags. Helite has been developing motorcycle airbag jackets for more than a decade. Helite's only focus as a company is to improve and invent new airbag jackets. An airbag jacket for motorcyclist looks exactly like a usual motorcycle jacket except for a little clip that will enable the airbag jacket user to connect himself to the motorcycle's seat. If the motorcyclist is thrown off his vehicle, the airbag jacket will inflate instantly. Isn't it great to think you have the possibility to land on a "air mattress" like jacket instead of the usual hard back protector? The airbag jacket has proved to be very effective; we have many testimonials of two-wheelers that have fallen with our airbag vest. Helite is constantly developing new airbag jacket models in order to make it as effective in protecting as possible but also to make it a comfortable jacket that is well accepted by the population. What's the point of buying a motorcycle airbag jacket if it stays in the closet? The demand for airbag jacket is very big and Helite is doing its best to offer a high quality airbag jacket that has a long life span and is reusable if it inflates. The motorcycle airbag jacket can be recharge in less than 2 minutes, so if you fall, you just change the gas canister and you are ready to ride again with your airbag jacket on. We have a shop online if you want to purchase a motorcycle airbag jacket. A hard impact can be fatal; an airbag jacket can probably save you from serious injuries. Thank you for your interest and have a nice visit on our website: www.helite.com