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Horseback riding




In the horseback riding sport the point is to limit the riders’ injuries not only during competitions but for everyday ride.  The air jacket minimizes injuries which mean there is less recovery time, so the rider trains more to obtain better performances.
There are currently two products suited for horseback riding.

Air Jacket for Horseback riders



AIR VEST: the air vest protects the upper body parts by absorbing shocks and distributing the pressure due to falling off the horse. The jacket is also effective as it limits the extra torsion movements; because when the air jacket is inflated it makes the rider take a natural contracting position. When thrown off the horse the airbag is designed to reach full inflation in 0.1 seconds, covering the neck, spinal column, trunk, coccyx, collar and ribs. Keeping the ribs from breaking also means avoiding heart, lungs and pancreas perforations.

The garment was studied to take into account the riders instinct reactions to a fall. For example, the inflated air Jacket still enables the rider to round his neck and roll in front in a pirouette, as it is one of the best natural ways to land and protect oneself.
Modifications have been made to improve practicality and comfort. The clip situated at the end of the lanyard was replaced by a light weight carabiner. The carabiner lasts longer in outdoor conditions and it is easier to handle when one has gloves.
The stirrup straps that stay on the saddle and the lanyard have been studied to enable full movement in all directions for any rider’s physiognomy.

It is quick and easy to connect the lanyard to the saddle. The lanyard has to be clipped in the two ends of the nylon stirrup straps that stay on the front saddle at all time. The air jacket is completely reusable by replacing the CO2 gas canister.


Horseback riding

Horseback riding
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AIR SHOW show coat model

Helite adds a new milestone in its Zip'in Shell collection to answer the need of show jumpers et hunter-jumpers. The AIR SHOW is our show coat that is compatible with our Helite Zip'in airbag.
The jumpers' show coat model is available in two collar colors: black on black, beige on black.
More information about our => AIR SHOW airbag show coat

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Horseriding air vests for all horseback riding activities. Check out, www.helite.com to find out about the world of personal airbags. Helite develops horse riding airbag for the past 8 years. Helite's only focus is to better protect horse riders from injuries that occur after falling off the horse. An air jacket for riders is a new concept but it has already revolutionized the eventing competitions, as many riders have been saved. To make sure the horse riding protective vest works you have to connect yourself to the saddle every time you want to ride. The horse riding airbag has been developped to be user-friendly, easy to fit and easy the recharge. The only part of the jacket that has to be chaged is the gas canister airbag vest. The horse riding airbag is a very easy mechanism. If the horseback rider falls off his horse the will inflate in the blink of an eye, less than 100 milliseconds. The time of inflation of the is very important because it protects from the majority of the falls. If the rider tries to stay on the horse and falls with the horse the horse riding airbag will not inflate because the horse rider needs to be parted from the horse. The gas canister airbag vest is the only part of the vest that could make the garment uncomfortable, but the gas canister airbag vest is the only way to inflate the airbag. If you do fall off your horse, you will need to replace the gas canister airbag vest for a new one. Helite offers a wide range of sizes for the horse riding airbag, as well as one for children. The children air jacket is a little different from the normal air jacket because it inflates on the outside and doesn't need as much strenght to be activated. Helite will continue to develop new garments that will all integrate an airbag.