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Five european companies (LaMouette, Helite, Hynov, G’Découvert, Softair) with the help of local and national ultralight federations have worked for the past 2 years in developing an intelligent protection device.
We have created a product that is extremely reliable and effective for the pilot and the passenger. This active system uses the cold gas airbag technology, which Helite has already used for the past decade in the motorcycle and equestrian field. Several patents have been issued for this very innovative product. AEROBAG is innovative for its technology and the way it maintains the head in place to avoid a whiplash. Introducing this kind of airbag in the light aircraft field is the real innovation.

There are two different AEROBAGS:

The AEROBAG BELT integrated in the shoulder straps

The AEROBAG VEST that is worn over any other garment.




Based on previous research to protect motorcyclists and go-kart pilots, the AEROBAG 4P is well adapted for passengers. When inflated the airbag’s shape looks like 2 cushions of 15 liters each that are bind together by a quick buckle.  The airbags wrap around the entire head and come down to the thorax. In case of a shock, the head will be maintained in place by the cushions instead of being projected towards the front or the sides, which also limits considerably the bending, whiplash and hyper extension of the neck and the accelerations on the head and brain (HIC*). Moreover, the airbags obviously and very importantly protect from direct shocks by absorbing and distributing the forces of the impact.

The Areobag is discreetly integrated in the shoulder straps of the harness that usually only serves as a seatbelt on the seats of aircrafts.  The system is easily installed and adaptable to any 4 points harnesses already settled on your seat. The whole system: bag, shoulder straps and gas generator weighs less than 950 grams. A quick and easy easy chest clip increases the effectiveness of the airbag by attaching the cushions together.

Ultralight aircraft
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Airbags for various applications

Helite has invented specific motorcycle airbag jackets, equestrian airbag vests, airbag jackets for snow mobile riders and airbag seatbelts for ultralight aircrafts. Helite's airbag products answer to important market demands, hence every airbag product is specifically adapted to the application and fulfills all saftey and governmental requirements such as being CE certified. 

The expertise in airbag technology combines know-how, experience, skilled workers, industry networks and specific machines. Mastering in the airbag sector includes the study of fluid mechanics, gases and their volumes, pressures applied in textiles, pyrotechnic activations, electronic activations, mechanical activations, integration of the innovative technologies in already existing objects such as jackets, driving boards, seats...

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Our website, www.helite.com, is a presentation of the company Helite. Helite is an expert in Airbag systems for individual protections. Helite has invented different airbag systems to fit specific applications such as high speed train applications, airbag garments for two-wheeler drivers, airbag vests for horseback riders. Medical applications, ski and other vehicle sports airbag systems will soon be released. Helite is made of engineers from different backgrounds and technical prototype designers. Helite focuses on security by inventing products that protect effectively in case an accident happens. You will learn more about what we do by going through our website, www.helite.com.