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Five european companies (LaMouette, Helite, Hynov, G’Découvert, Softair) with the help of local and national ultralight federations have worked for the past 2 years in developing an intelligent protection device.
We have created a product that is extremely reliable and effective for the pilot and the passenger. This active system uses the cold gas airbag technology, which Helite has already used for the past decade in the motorcycle and equestrian field. Several patents have been issued for this very innovative product. AEROBAG is innovative for its technology and the way it maintains the head in place to avoid a whiplash. Introducing this kind of airbag in the light aircraft field is the real innovation.

There are two different AEROBAGS:

The AEROBAG BELT integrated in the shoulder straps

The AEROBAG VEST that is worn over any other garment.



Ultralight aircraft
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The airbag vest for aircraft is finally available. A famous Red Bull pilot tests the airbag integrated in the shoulder straps of the aircraft. First show in germany to present the new individual airbag system.

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The light aviation sport is appreciated for its feeling of freedom. Unfortunalty freedom can mean more risk. Helite was very attached to developing a specific airbag protection for the light aircraft sport because the founder G. Thevenot has spent most of his career in this sector. The website, www.helite.com gives insight into the aerobag's development. The aerobag is a unique protection because it is integrated into a garment or into the shoulder straps of the aircraft. The aerobag technology has been patented as the technology inside is completely new. The aerobag technology will surely be effective in minimizing the consequences of bad landings. The only protection that was used before the microlight airbag is the parachute. The parachute is an effective protection if the aircraft has a problem during the flight, but its role as a safety device decreases in the landing phases. The aerobag will protect from impacts and accident consequences that had no protection before. An airbag for planes already existed; it was very close to the airbag in cars. The aerobag is independent from the aircraft which has a few advantages, especially for trikes that don't necessarily have any space to store an lsa airbag. Because the microlight airbag is not integrated in the aircraft it can be changed from one machine to the next, the installation and activation of the airbag for light aircraft being very easy. The aerobag technology can be used in a gyrocopter as well as a three-ax micro light or a trike. In the gyrocopter the shoulder strap aerobag technology will be used for the pilot and the passenger. For the three axes, the aerobag will be a shoulder strap aerobag for the passenger and a seatbelt aerobag or shoulder strap aerobag for the pilot depending on the cockpit size. For the trike, the passenger will wear a shoulder strap aerobag and the pilot will likely use a seatbelt aerobag. Helite is proud to present the airbag for microlights and hopes it will decrease the number of serious injuries due to aviation crashes. On www.helite.com you can see the latest news about the Lamouette aerobag.